The Take Ten Crew VS. The CyberBully


The Take Ten Crew VS.

The CyberBully

The original drawings and story for The Take Ten Crew VS. The CyberBully were developed by a diverse group of local high school and junior high school students. For a short period of time, this band of eclectic strangers joined forces to form a dynamic creative team led by Mindstorm Digital and leaders from the Robinson Community Learning Center/Take Ten Program.

All of the line art the students produced was brought into the computer, cleaned, colored, composited and finally animated by MindStorm using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. The Voice over actors were all student artists from the project (although we added a great narrator to the project-from the RCLC-thanks Duane!) The comic and the animated version were both able to premiere at the Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Community Plunge event on Cyberbullying.

The Take Ten Crew VS. The CyberBully was generously sponsored by Memorial Hospital of South Bend IN.

This is the third outing for the Take Ten Crew. The Take Ten Program has produced two previous comic books, each with artwork produced by students, and each with their own unique style. MindStormDigital was very happy to be able to participate in developing this latest version(s).

We had a great team of students and adults who all contributed the best of what they had, to make what we hope is a little different--to make a difference in our community.

More Content from the production coming soon.